Homeschool Evaluator

Providing families comprehensive services that will guide them through the Homeschooling experience.
Request Info for consultation by email or telephone.

What's Homeschooling all about?

I can provide an overview of the SDP expectations of Homeschooling to help families determine whether or not they are willing and able to meet the demands of educating their child/children. I can help you make sure that your child is on board with your plan!

Getting Ready!

Advise on content, curriculum, and assessment. Support in planning activities in the community - museums, parks, performing arts, etc. Assistance in making accommodations that will meet the needs/wants of each child. Help multiple families support each other in the effort to Homeschool.

Schools in Session!

Regular consultations to help families troubleshoot problems and continue toward their goals. Is your child learning well? Is the material challenging without being overwhelming? Are social, emotional, and physical needs being met?

Do you need some extra help?

Referral to a trusted Special Ed Teacher or School Psychologist will be provided as needed

We Made it!

Completion of Homeschooling Evaluation Certification.

What's next?

Facilitate a discussion about considerations for next year's Homeschooling or assist in making the transition back to traditional schooling, if desired.